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The Plural Association

The Plural Association (TPA) is the first grassroots, peer-led, registered nonprofit empowering the 3.7% of people who live with Dissociative Identity Disorder, those with OSDD, and also supporting & facilitating community for all the many other forms of Multiplicity under the Plural umbrella.

The Plural Association was founded in the Netherlands, but empowers & supports thousands of Plurals worldwide in over 50 countries.

The Plural Association est. 2020 logo

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Mission Statement of TPA

Empower plurals, where plurals is defined as everyone who self-identifies as being or having more than one individual within a single body, by developing and using their capacities to actively shape their own lives and that of the plural community and the society of which they are part, in economic, social and political terms.

Above text is from our legal documents. The Plural Association was officially registered and founded as a nonprofit foundation on February 5th 2020 in the Netherlands under KVK number: 77247183.

Luna System, Elephant Journals System, Stronghold System TPATeam

Founders and Team of The Plural Association Nonprofit

The Plural Association was founded by The Stronghold System (they/them) who live in the Netherlands, and were diagnosed with DID in 2010. They also strongly self identify as Plural.

They teamed up together with the Luna System (USA) and the Elephant Journals System (Australia.) Together with their core team of 10 other Plural volunteers, they run The Plural Association with a dynamic team of 50+ other Plural volunteers, from 6 different countries and various backgrounds, including the many different forms of Plurality. It's amazing to see our community come together like this.

Volunteer with The Plural Association

Are you Plural (no matter the label(s) you use) and do you and your System want to volunteer for The Plural Association and/or The Plural Warmline?

Take our quiz to find out the perfect position within our teams and if you leave your contact details, we send you the official sign up form within 48 hours.

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Luna System, Elephant Journals System, Stronghold System TPATeam

What our donors say:

The Plural Warmline - Opening in 2021

This year The Plural Association is opening The Plural Warmline where Systems and their headmates can share their stories and worries with trained peer-support Plural volunteers.

Together we empower more Plurals! In order to offer this vital service to Plurals for free, we fundraise continuously. If you are financially able please donate towards the empowerment of Plurals. Thank you!

Dissociative Identity Disorder

The Plural Association nonprofit mostly (over 75%) supports & empowers people who live with Dissociative Identity Disorder, a debilitating disorder that consists out of having multiple parts of the personality, out of the ordinary forgetting (amnesia) and clinical distress.

We empower Plurals by providing community driven safe(r) spaces. Some of them are support groups and others are for socializing. Many Plurals never had the opportunity to actually talk with another Plural openly before.

The Plural Association est. 2020 logo


The Plural Association is inclusive of ALL forms of Plurality. Plurality is an umbrella term for all forms of being Many, including DID and OSDD, cultural and spiritual experiences of Multiplicity, no matter the label people use to describe their unique Plural experience.

Plurals have come up with beautiful words to describe their individual experiences of Manyness. Labels like, Endogenic, Quoigenic, Median, Parogenic systems and so much more. Of course we also support mixed origin systems. When we talk with someone, we use the language and label(s) that system (member) uses for themselves.

Educational content & resources by TPA

We provide over 50 free written articles & resources on our power to the plurals (.com) website and our educational videos are watched more than 50,000 times each year.

The Plural Association est. 2020 logo

The Community

The Plural Association Community is a place where Plurals, can be Plural.

Find support groups, community, friendships, chats, meetups, videos, articles, training and so much more in our Community!

The Plural Association est. 2020 logo

Other Communities

We host a free facebook support group for Plurals called AlterNation by The Plural Association.

'A group to ask questions, for 'Allies of The Plural Association' that welcomes therapists, social workers, friends and other loved ones of those with DID/OSDD and all other forms of Multiplicity under the Plural umbrella.'

Training by TPA

The Plural Association provides training, including Plural cultural competence training, for the clinical and social worker communities online and in person. We believe it is vital that the clinical community sees Plurality before they will fully understand Plurality. Enjoy this unique opportunity to get all your questions answered!

Podcast by TPA

We release a daily 30 second podcast with positive affirmations for Plurals and system check in reminders.

This free podcast is for everymany, but it is an especially efficient tool for new systems who want to learn to be in more regular contact with each other and are trying to establish internal communication.

Plural Positivity World Conference

The Plural Positivity World Conference is a free annual online conference for Plurals.

The Plural Association est. 2020 logo

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